Man In Red Sox Hat Claims Police Used Excessive Force In California Marijuana Raid (Video)

The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry runs deep. And apparently that rivalry applies to all areas of life, as, for the second time in a month, one of the team's logos was involved in an arrest.

Dorian Brooks, a volunteer employee at the THC Downton Collective in Long Beach, Calif., was arrested by police during a marijuana raid last month while wearing a Red Sox hat. The news comes on the heels of the arrest of Carlos Benito Sturgus, who police were able to track down for his role in a shooting in Mesa, Ariz., thanks to a tattoo of the Yankees logo between his eyes.

Brooks complained that police used excessive force in his arrest, and he has the video footage to prove it. A store camera shows Brooks surrendering to police before an officer walks on Brooks, stepping on his neck. After the officers discovered the camera, one of them smashes the camera with a metal pole. However, since the video was being recorded off-site, the footage survived and was posted to YouTube on July 1.

"I felt violated; I felt disrespected," Brooks told KNBC Los Angeles.

Police raided the store because it did not have a permit from the city of Long Beach, even though it was operating under state compliance. In addition to the claims of police brutality, store employees are now looking for $10,000 in damages and destruction of evidence. Four other people were arrested in the raid.

Check out the video below to see footage of the incident.

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