Rex Ryan Says He Wants Santonio Holmes ‘Not to Be the Offensive Coordinator’ After Quarterback Comments


Rex Ryan Says He Wants Santonio Holmes 'Not to Be the Offensive Coordinator' After Quarterback CommentsSantonio Holmes is stirring the pot again. Rex Ryan is telling him to shut it.

Ryan spoke out against Holmes on Thursday, saying he'd prefer that the Jets wide receiver take care of his own game rather than comment on New York's highly publicized quarterback position, according to ESPN New York.

Holmes told the NFL Network last week that he didn't like the idea of a two-quarterback system, which the Jets may employ in some way with two players who have started at quarterback, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, under contract.

"I brought Santonio in here to be a receiver, not to be the offensive coordinator," Ryan said. "And that's the way it is. I love Santonio, but if I wanted to hire him as our offensive coordinator, we would've."

Ryan also said he understands Holmes' opinion — that the starting quarterback has to get a feel for the game, and that he has to know he'll be on the field even if he makes early mistakes.

While the Jets have said Sanchez will start, Tebow provides many options for the team from the wildcat formation and in goal-line situations. And, of course, many wonder whether Tebow, who has been adept at winning even with mediocre stats and an awkward throwing motion, will take over Sanchez's starting spot if Sanchez struggles early in the season again.

This isn't the first time Holmes has been ensnared in a tricky situation thanks to his mouth — the wide receiver caused all kinds of problems last season with his comments, including blowups with Sanchez.

It's got to be nice being called out by a coach who has a similar lack of constraint when it comes to saying crazy things, though.

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