John ‘House’ Taylor Could Be Biggest Football Player Ever at 6-Foot-11, 500 Pounds (Video)


John Taylor
‘s nickname is rather appropriate, as the man dubbed “House” certainly lives up to the billing when it comes to size.

In fact, Taylor could quite possibly be the largest football player ever at 6-foot-11, 500 pounds, according to WHP-TV. He’d certainly be the biggest NFL player ever if he was in a position to play professionally, far surpassing 6-foot-6, 440-pound Aaron Gibson‘s monstrous frame.

Taylor currently plays defensive tackle for the Central Penn Piranha of the Gridiron Developmental Football League. His job is pretty simple.

“Don’t run my way. Pretty much, that’s what I do,” Taylor said of his duties.

Taylor, who wears a 6XL jersey, is mainly used in short-yardage situations — for obvious reasons. After all, who is going to block a man of that size 1-on-1?

Check out the video below to hear more about the 35-year-old Taylor.

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