Elliot Johnson’s Face Looks ‘Gross’ Day After Face-First Slide (Photo)


Before Friday night, Elliot Johnson was mostly known for
his spot-on impressions of ESPN personality Tim Kurkjian.

Now, he'll be remembered for a painful face-first slide.
In the last play of a 2-1 loss to the Blue Jays, Johnson tried to score from
second base, nose-diving into home

Catcher Jeff Mathis aptly blocked the
plate, and the sequence left quite the mark on Johnson's face.

Rays starter David
took it a step further afterward, posting a picture of Johnson's battered face on Twitter.

Johnson didn't get a concussion, but he did regret not having the score to go with his scars.

"I wish I could have gotten a little better shot on
him, but it's his job just to get in there and get off there as best he can, so
he did a good job there," Johnson said. "I just barely got
any of him. He was really, really low. I usually get low, too, but I didn't
connect with him."

His face connected with something, though. Check it out below.

Elliot Johnson's Face Looks 'Gross' Day After Face-First Slide (Photo)
Photo via Lockerz.com/David Price

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