Golden Tate Destroys Sean Lee With Punishing Block That’s ‘Part of Football’ (Video)



Sean Lee is willing to chalk up the monster hit he received from Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate on Sunday as simply a product of the sport.

Tate lined up Lee during a Seahawks rush attempt in the fourth quarter, and absolutely destroyed the Cowboys linebacker. Lee never saw Tate coming, and the hit appeared to involve some helmet-to-helmet contact, which Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to see Tate punished for.

“I’m sure they will [fine Tate],” Jones said, according to “We saw the same thing you saw. That’s certainly something we know or expect penalties and fines about. They didn’t see the helmet hit or they would have called it.”

Making matters worse was the fact that Tate celebrated like a mad man after delivering the huge block. That rubbed some Cowboys fans the wrong way, but Lee isn’t too concerned.

“That’s part of the deal,” Lee said after the game. “He can celebrate all he wants. I bet you if we went head-to-head and square up he probably won’t be celebrating as much. It’s part of the deal and part of football, and hits like that happen.”

No penalty was assessed for Tate’s hit, although there was a flag thrown on the play for a minor shove of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson just as Wilson stepped out of bounds. Unfortunately, that’s also part of football.

Check out the big hit below.

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