Houston Rockets Will Have Largest Indoor Scoreboard Screen in United States (Photo)


Houston Rockets Will Have Largest Indoor Scoreboard Screen in United States (Photo)Rockets fans could need a lot of help keeping track of their
team's players this season. Three-fifths of the starting lineup turned over
this offseason, and the team could be incorporating four rookies into the
rotation. Borderline stars like Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry were sent packing, solid
contributors like Marcus Camby, Goran Dragic, Samuel Dalembert and Courtney Lee
are gone, and high-priced free agents like Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik are on

Those fans will never be without an up-close look at the new
guys, though, thanks to the gargantuan scoreboard screen that will dangle from
the ceiling of the Toyota Center.

The four-sided scoreboard will be the largest indoor video
in any arena in the U.S., according to the Rockets' official website. The monstrous scoreboard at Cowboys
Stadium counts as "outdoors," in the Rockets' arbitrary scoreboard-classification
, according to Ball Don't Lie. So take that, Cowboys fans.

The new center-hung high-definition screen is more than 600
percent larger than the previous standard-definition screen, which had been in
place since 2003. The scoreboard will debut at the Rockets' home opener Nov. 3,
and word is the picture will be so crisp that fans will feel like they are actually

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Photo via HoustonRockets.com

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