Jeff Kent’s History of Bizarre Injuries Continues in Retirement, Former Second Baseman Hurts Knee on ‘Survivor’


Jeff Kent's History of Bizarre Injuries Continues in Retirement, Former Second Baseman Hurts Knee on 'Survivor'During his playing career, former Mets, Giants and Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent was known as a fierce competitor. In fact, he was known to be so intense that often even his own teammates took offense, as the now-44-year-old was known to get into the ocassional clubhouse scuffle.

For instance, during the 1992 season he refused to participate in his own rookie hazing ritual with the Mets, and by that point had already earned a reputation for his hot-headedness and for keeping to himself far too much. Ten years later, in 2002, Kent and star Barry Bonds were famously reported to have engaged in a shoving match in the Giants’ dugout.

So, considering all the bad feelings and in-fighting that Kent experienced throughout his big league career, he should be the perfect contestant for Survivor, right?

Well, that is apparently exactly what the producers of the show thought, as well, as Kent made his debut on the program on Wednesday. Kent claimed he wasn’t treated any differently than any normal civillian trying out for the show, but at least two things are worthy of noting there. For one, Kent starred on Survivor: Philippines alongside fellow celebrity and former Facts of Life star Lisa Welchel. And, Kent has participated with reality TV before, appearing on the show Superstars with fellow contestant Ali Landry.

Throughout his career, Kent was also known for some bizarre injuries, most notably breaking his wrist during spring training in 2002. Kent originally claimed he suffered the break while washing his truck, but it eventually surfaced that the injury ocurred while he was popping wheelies on his motorcycle.

Then it has to be a little bit appropriate that Kent reportedly suffered torn knee ligaments during a scene with a raft on Wednesday — no more than 10 minutes into the episode. It remains to be seen how the injury will affect him going forward, but we hope that it doesn’t force his fellow castaways’ collective hand in voting him off the island.

They haven’t even had the chance to known Kent and dislike him, yet.

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Jeff Kent's History of Bizarre Injuries Continues in Retirement, Former Second Baseman Hurts Knee on 'Survivor'

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