O.J. Simpson-Khloe Kardashian Father-Daughter Rumors Once Again Rampant Following National Enquirer Story


There have always been questions as to whether Khloe Kardashian is really the late Robert Kardashian's daughter, mainly because she doesn't look much like her sisters. Those rumors simply won't go away.

In a story that most should probably take with a grain of salt considering the gossipy source, former NFL running back O.J. Simpson is once again rumored by The National Enquirer to be Khloe K.'s biological father. It's a claim that surfaced earlier this year when The National Enquirer cited a source as telling the publication that Simpson had revealed such information.

"O.J. told me Khloe's his child," a source was quoted as telling The National Enquirer back in January.

The National Enquirer is once again pressing the issue, bringing the rumor back into the news with its recent cover that reads: "O.J. Bombshell: 'I'm Khloe's REAL Dad! Shocking truth about O.J. & Kardashian mom."

The publication — which again should be considered here — claims that Simpson has changed his will to include Khloe while taking out his daughter, Arnelle.

The International Business Times writes this of The National Enquirer's most recent O.J.-Khloe story.

"According to the National Enquirer, 'O.J. believes Khloe is his natural-born daughter through his affair with Kris Jenner when she was married to his buddy Robert Kardashian — and he wants to do something about it.'

The source at the Enquirer continued, 'At 65, he's tired and becoming increasingly aware he may not ever leave prison alive. He says he wants to 'do the right thing.''"

Robert Kardashian, of course, was part of Simpson's legal team when Simpson faced murder charges back in the 1990s. The two were, by all accounts, buddies, although there have been rumors that Simpson had an affair years earlier with Jenner (Robert Kardashian's first wife and mother of Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Robert Jr.)

Crazy stuff, right? Well, things were made even crazier when Kardashian's second wife, Jan Ashley, told Star magazine that her late ex-husband revealed prior to his death that Khloe was not his biological daughter. The Kardashians, however, called the rumors "ridiculous."

So will we ever really know whether Khloe Kardashian is the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian? Perhaps not. Then again, does it really matter?

[Insert generic joke about how hard it is to keep up with the Kardashians.]

Have a look at the cover — which has a lot going on — in the photo below. Then, go take a shower to cleanse yourself of this gossipy dirt.

O.J. Simpson-Khloe Kardashian Father-Daughter Rumors Once Again Rampant Following National Enquirer Story

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O.J. Simpson thumbnail photo via Flickr/Oldmaison
Khloe Kardashian thumbnail photo via Flickr/Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

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O.J. Simpson-Khloe Kardashian Father-Daughter Rumors Once Again Rampant Following National Enquirer Story

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