Penny Marshall Making Documentary on Dennis Rodman, Using Skype for Some Parts


Penny Marshall Making Documentary on Dennis Rodman, Using Skype for Some PartsDennis Rodman
soon will be examined as the curiosity that he is.

The Hall of Fame forward and all-around colorful character is the subject of a documentary reportedly in the works by director Penny Marshall. While Marshall probably deserves a medal for her masterpiece Big alone, she may face one of her greatest challenges in a full-length film on the eccentric Rodman.

Marshall is no stranger to eccentricity, though, if the depiction in a story in The Wall Street Journal is accurate.

"I have a strange combination of fearlessness and massive insecurity," Marshall told the Journal's Marshall Heyman in an interview as part of her promotion for her book, My Mother Was Nuts.

The angle of a documentary on Rodman is not spelled out, but the story does mention that part of the footage so far has been shot using the Internet phone service Skype. Rodman and his agent sought out Marshall to do the documentary, and she said she accepted because, "I have a little radar to the insane."

Allow us to recommend a title for the documentary, which must feature several interviews with Rodman's hair: The Color Purple… And Red, And Yellow, And Green… Or possibly Laverne and the Worm?

Photo via Facebook/Dennis Rodman

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