Peyton Manning Immortalized by Broncos Fans in Epic Corn Maze (Photo, Video)


Peyton Manning Immortalized by Broncos Fans in Epic Corn Maze (Photo, Video)Peyton Manning is one of the biggest stars ever to grace the field at Mile High Stadium. But apparently there is one field in Colorado that can contain old No. 18.

The Fritzler Farm in Lasalle, Colorado is known for making unique and intricate designs in its corn maze each year, and this year it had a Peyton theme, according to This year’s design was in the likeness of a waving Manning, following Sunday night’s Week 1 win against the Steelers.

Manning deserved some sort of recognition after leading the Broncos to a 31-19 win in his debut. He completed 19 of 26 passes for 253 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one of which was a landmark when he hit Demaryius Thomas on an 88-yard score for his 400th career touchdown pass.

Manning must have felt very proud of the feat, becoming just the third player to ever achieve it, but no more so than the entire Colorado area likely feels about the No. 18 at this point. But that’s nothing that a casual corn maze designed using a computer image of Manning and a GPS device attached to a corn husker couldn’t fix.

With Manning on board, the Broncos are likely headed for big things this season. Apparently Denver and all of Colorado is thankful.
Photo via Twitter/@BShifflett9

Photo of the Night

Packers fans are tough, apparently tougher than Jay Cutler.

Peyton Manning Immortalized by Broncos Fans in Epic Corn Maze (Photo, Video)Photo via Twitter/@RichEisen

Tweet of the Night

Your punishment must be more severe! Well, not you, Brandon McCarthy, you’ve already been through enough.


Quote of the Night

“I let my game speak for itself … you’ll see Sunday.”

— Trent Richardson in preparation of the Browns Week 2 matchup with Cincinnati

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John Clayton, you legend.

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