Bob Knight Assigned to Call Kentucky Games After Not Saying School’s Name in Broadcasts Last Year


Bob Knight Assigned to Call Kentucky Games After Not Saying School's Name in Broadcasts Last YearEither Kentucky basketball games will become a sports version of What's the Magic Word?, or Bob Knight is going to have to start calling the Wildcats by name.

Knight, who works as an analyst for ESPN, will be calling SEC games this year, including two Kentucky games, according to USA Today.

That isn't too unusual, except for the giant problem Knight has with Kentucky, how he thinks the school and coach John Calipari are wrong in how they handle the players and their grades, and how Knight managed to be a college basketball analyst without referring to the school by its name for much of last year.

Knight made it a habit to call Kentucky that "team from the SEC" last season, and while he would utter "Kentucky" as the year wound down, the distaste was evident.

Knight will probably be a professional and call the games as he should, but ESPN was strategic about where Knight will have to go when talking on-air about Kentucky — both games he's scheduled for are road contests.

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