Donald Trump Excited for Patriots-Jets Week 7 Grudge Match, But Faces Big Dilemma


Donald Trump is inching his way closer to Jose Canseco territory on Twitter.

Trump's tweets might not be as outlandish as the former juiced-up baseball star's, but his Twitter repertoire includes weighing in on a variety of topics — which is very Canseco-esque.

Trump tossed in his two cents regarding this week's Patriots-Jets matchup, and he seems excited. However, the slick-haired business powerhouse faces a big dilemma due to his relationship with the two franchises' owners. In fact, Trump's so-called "dilemma" forced him to go a bit beyond the typical 140-character limit.

"Major grudge match this weekend between @nyjets & @Patriots. I have a dilemma, I am good friends w/ both Woody Johnson & Bob Kraft–two amazing men," Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Trump has been on quite the sports kick of late, consistently breaking down Alex Rodriguez's status and the Yankees' decision-making, as well as pointing out Michael Vick's lack of greatness as a quarterback. He seems to understand his words of wisdom spread across many landscapes, though.

Now man up and make a pick for Sunday's game, Donnie.

Donald Trump thumbnail photo (center) via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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Donald Trump Excited for Patriots-Jets Week 7 Grudge Match, But Faces Big Dilemma

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