Orioles Prospect Kevin Gausman’s Love of Doughnuts Earns Him ‘Dunkin’ Nickname From Teammates

It’s not always easy being the rookie.

Baltimore pitching prospect Kevin Gausman has earned himself the nickname of “Dunkin” during his first major league camp, with the moniker bestowed upon him by veteran pitchers Darren O’Day and Jim Johnson.

Gausman, the team’s first-round pick in the 2012 draft, routinely eats an entire bag of powdered¬†doughnuts before and during each of his starts, thereby providing some easy fodder for the vets to mine for comedy gold.

So, the next time¬†you hear that “the Red Sox run on Dunkin’,” you might need to double-check if it’s an ad … or if the team is facing the Orioles.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@masnRoch



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