Fernando Rodney’s Magic Plantain Is Propelling Dominican Republic to Victory in World Baseball Classic

Fernando RodneyThe Dominican Republic, and Fernando Rodney specifically, doesn’t need any performance enhancers in the World Baseball classic, they have a magic plantain.

Rodney, the Dominican Republic closer, said the plantain speaks to him, though, he wouldn’t specify whether it’s in Spanish or English.

“If you keep me close to you, you’re going to get the win,” Rodney relayed to Yahoo! Sports from the plantain.

Rodney had the plantain shipped to AT&T Park in San Francisco specially from the Dominican Republic. When he retrieved the fruit he stuck it in his belt like a gun until he had to go in and pitch.

The┬áherbaceous plant appears to be working. Rodney has six saves, six strikeouts and a 0.00 ERA in the WBC. The Dominican has won all seven games they’ve played and face Puerto Rico on Tuesday night in the WBC final. If the Dominican Republic beats Puero Rico, the team will eat the magic plantain. Let’s hope it’s not still talking when it’s being fried up and devoured.

Photo via Twitter/@rj_reilly



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