LeBron James’ Dunk on Jason Terry Causes Stir, But Harrison Barnes’ Slam on Nikola Pekovic Still Dunk of Year (Video)


If everyone is done having a laugh at Jason Terry‘s expense, let’s get back to semi-serious business.

As soon as LeBron James made mincemeat of Terry in an alley-oop jam on Monday, social media exploded with claims that it was the “dunk of the year.” Mind you, this came just a week after Clippers center DeAndre Jordan posterized Brandon Knight, creating the excellent shorthand that Terry had been “knighted” by James.

Not to kill the vibe, but this is a good time to remind everybody that James and Jordan are still battling for second place at best in the race for the so-called “dunk of the year.” Last time I checked, James and Jordan were big guys and Terry and Knight were little guys. In my mind, it’s a much bigger deal if a little guy rejects a big guy — like Andre Miller did against Derrick Favors earlier this season in a play that got a whole lot less attention.

Now, Harrison Barnes‘ dunk on Nikola Pekovicthat was the “dunk of the year” so far. Give me a medium-sized guy dunking on a big guy and I’ll show you a highlight that is automatically better than a big-on-small slam. Not only that, but unlike Knight and Terry, who were scrambling back into position, the 6-foot-11, 240-pound Pekovic was standing tall in the lane, ready to challenge Barnes, and he still got victimized.

See for yourself in the video below.

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