Ryan Hollins Puts Goran Dragic in Chokehold in David-Versus-Goliath Skirmish During Clippers-Suns Game (Video)


When a 7-foot center picks a fight with a 6-foot-3 point guard, nobody wins.

On Wednesday night, the Clippers held a significant lead over the Phoenix Suns, but that didn’t stop L.A.’s big man, Ryan Hollins, from doing a little instigating. With 8:59 remaining in the fourth quarter, Hollins grabbed Goran Dragic and put him in a headlock with seemingly no intention of letting go.

Michael Beasley quickly came to the aid of his teammate as the altercation elevated into a brief scuffle near the Suns’ bench. It led to the ejection of both Beasley and Hollins.

Check out the mismatched fight below.

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