18-Month-Old Shows Stellar Knowledge of Yankees’ Greats by Reciting Names for Parents (Video)


Who’s the captain of the Yankees? Not Da Da?

Well, this 18-month-old girl got that question wrong, but she got most of the other ones right when her Yankees-loving parents decided to show off her pinstripe skills. With an indoctrination method that can only be loathed outside of the greater Tri-State area, the parents have apparently been using the first 18 months of their daughter’s life to fill her brain with the names and numbers of all the Yankees greats.

She needed some help at one point, when she kept thinking Mickey Mantle wore No. 4, but once her parents gave her the right clues, she just started rolling.

Check out the 18-month-old’s amazing Yankee knowledge in the video below, and ask yourself this: What are you teaching your children?

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