Dennis Rodman Rips President Barack Obama Over Lack of Communication With North Korea (Video)

Dennis Rodman BlendBack in the 90s, if anyone said that Dennis Rodman would get even weirder in 20 years, it would have been hard to believe. But we’re there, folks.

Rodman had some choice words for President Barack Obama on Thursday over relations with North Korea. Rodman is planning to go back to his new favorite country on Aug. 1 to continue his new-found relationship with Kim Jong-un. Part of his trip is to convince the North Korean dictator to release Korean-American Kenneth Bae.

Rodman is apparently upset that Obama won’t talk to the supreme leader.

“We got a black president, can’t even go talk to Kim,” Rodman told TMZ. “Obama can’t do [expletive], I don’t know why he won’t go talk to him.”

Rodman later said “[Expletive] him” about the President. The former NBA star-turned-diplomat (though he adamantly denies he’s a diplomat) is going over to North Korea by himself on Aug. 1 to visit his so-called friend, Jong-un.

If Rodman can get Bae out of North Korea, then perhaps his friendship with Jong-un is worthwhile. But so far, Rodman’s relations with North Korea have appeared to do nothing to ease tension between the two nations, and if he goes over to Jong-un to blast Obama more, it could do more harm than good.

Things got dicey after Rodman came back with Jong-un threatening to set off nuclear missiles. Rodman takes credit for Jong-un “putting them back in storage.”

Rodman has surely had some odd friends before, but becoming besties with an evil dictator is taking his “Worm” persona to a whole new level.

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