Which Bruins ‘Player of the Game’ Playoff Swag Is Your Favorite?

For the last three years, the Bruins have had some fun with their postseason player of the game award.

In 2011, the Boston players handed out an old ’80s Bruins jacket to their player of the game. The jacket was with the B’s throughout their cup run, passed from player to player. Andrew Ference was the one to introduce the awesome idea to hand out some swag, and it didn’t stop in 2011.

In 2012, the Bruins carried around a lock and chain to symbolize that there was no weak link on the B’s roster. The chain was worn around the neck of the player of the game, and it was once again Ference’s idea.

This year the player of the game gets a camouflage Army Ranger jacket. Ference received the jacket after visiting the Rangers’ training school at Fort Benning, Ga., according to the Boston Herald. The prize was influenced by Lucas Carr, an Army Ranger who has befriended some of the Bruins. Carr crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon two minutes before the bombs went off and immediately turned around to help the victims.

So which one is the best? Vote below.

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