Jose Iglesias’ BABIP Cause for Concern, But Infielder’s Speed Increases His Offensive Value (Video)


In the sabermetric revolution, BABIP is one of the key, sexy stats — and it’s making an appearance on Red Sox GameDay LIVE.

As Tom Caron mentions, the fact that Jose Iglesias has such a high BABIP doesn’t necessarily bode well going forward. What’s BABIP, you ask? Well, it’s “batting average on balls in play,” which basically takes a player’s batting average, but ignores at-bats that ended in a strikeout or home run. A player’s BABIP almost always trends back to .300 eventually — no matter who they are — and right now Iglesias’ sits at .522.

What that means is Iglesias likely won’t be sporting a 1.080 OPS for much longer. But, just because the youngster is primed for a regression doesn’t mean he hasn’t made huge strides at the plate over the last year. In fact, Caron mentions Iglesias’ speed as a factor that makes his hot start less of an illusion.

Check out the discussion between Caron and The Boston Globe’s Peter Abraham in the video above.

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