Lolo Jones Gets Paid $742 for Seven Months of Training With US Bobsled Team, Might Be ‘Short on Rent’ (Video)


Lolo Jones might be a little short on rent this month. Well, not really.

Jones, who was a star on the U.S. Summer Olympics track and field team, has been training with the U.S. Bobsled team for the past seven months in preparation of the 2014 Winter Olympics. As it turns out, bobsledding doesn’t pay so well.

Jones tweeted out a Vine video on Monday morning, showing off her check for the past seven months of training, which totaled a whopping $742 — yes, you read that right. She looked a little disheartened by the small sum and even joked that she might be a little short on rent this month. Although, I doubt she’s having any money trouble considering her bevy of endorsement deals.

Click to check out Jones’ Vine below.

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