Report: Aaron Hernandez Threatened Wes Welker in 2010 Within Week of Being Drafted


It was well known that Aaron Hernandez had some off-field issues coming out of the University of Florida, but after being connected to a North Attleboro homicide this week, new reports and observations of signs of trouble are popping up.

Hernandez threatened Wes Welker in 2010 within a week of being drafted, according to The Boston Globe. Hernandez couldn’t figure out how to use a piece of equipment at Gillette Stadium and asked Welker for help. When Welker responded, “Rookie, you figure it out,” Hernandez exploded.

Shalise Manza Young tweeted Hernandez’s response to Welker. [tweet align=center]

Young also tweeted that her source said Hernandez was not joking during the confrontation. The Boston Globe mentioned that Hernandez spends little time with teammates off the field.

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