‘Step Brothers’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Scene Reenacted by Pro Rugby Players (Video)

Lip-syncing in cars is an odd phenomenon that we were introduced to when Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” was released last year. A professional rugby club, however, is redefining the car lip-sync now, and it has nothing to do with that catchy ear worm that was eventually beaten into everyone’s head.

Members of the Exeter Chiefs, a professional rugby team from England, have put their own twist on the in-car singalong. They’ve done so with help from one of the most quotable movies you’ll ever see in Step Brothers.

The players hopped in their cars and lip-synced a scene where actor Adam Scott and the rest of his family are driving to a family function. On their way, they take turns belting out an a capella version of the Guns N’ Roses hit “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

Now compare that to the Exeter Chiefs’ version below.



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