Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco Channel Larry Bird, Michael Jordan in New McDonald’s Commercial (Video)


Having already “lost” an eyebrow in a bet with Russell Wilson, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now battling his Super Bowl XVLII counterpart for some McD’s.

Kaepernick and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco star in a newly released McDonald’s commercial that mimics the fast-food chain’s iconic 1993 ad featuring Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.

Like the Bird-Jordan ad — which USA Today’s Ad Meter named the No. 1 Super Bowl commercial of all time back in January — the new commercial shows the two signal callers engaging in a trick shot competition to win lunch, in this case a box of McDonald’s Mighty Wings. However, just like in February’s Super Bowl, the stadium lights shut off mid-competition, and we never see who comes away with the wings.

Check out both the new ad and its inspiration in the videos below.

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