Katherine Webb, A.J. McCarron’s Mom Dee Dee Bonner Appear on Cover of Access Magazine (Photo)


Access, a women’s magazine based deep in Roll Tide country, figured it wouldn’t hurt to put out a football-focused issue for the fall.

Lucky for them, Alabama’s starting quarterback, A.J. McCarron, has a couple of women in his life who don’t look out of place on a magazine cover.

McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee Bonner, and his now-famous girlfriend, Katherine Webb, appear together on the cover of the magazine’s September Fall and Fashion issue. The teaser promises they’ll talk about “name-calling, rumors and fame” and offers a quote from Webb: “I just wish people knew my heart. I’m not self-obsessed.”

The shoot also apparently offered the opportunity of a lifetime for a few area football players, including Fairhope High School’s Grey Jackson and Nick Patti, according to AL.com. Players were asked to help out by posing in a few of the photos.

“It was funny to see Grey trying to hold Katherine up,” Patti said. “I wouldn’t have had any problem with that at all.”

Alas, they did not make the cover. Check that out below.

Katherine Webb

Photo via Twitter/@DeeDeeBonner

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