Stephen Curry-Flavored Mouthguard Endorsed By Warriors Guard Hits Market (Photo)


Stephen Curry apparently tastes like lemonade. Or his mouthguard does, anyway.

According to the Golden State Warriors guard, MoGo Sport is releasing a “‘Steph Curry’ flavor” mouthguard. If that just sounds gross, it was thankfully later clarified that Curry meant to say the new mouthguard was lemonade, his signature flavor, and not literally flavored like him.

The mouthguards, which claim to have artificial flavors embedded in their plastic, come in lemon, fruit punch, mint, orange and bubble gum. Because when a player has been running and sweating for four quarters, the only thing that can make those crunchtime moments grosser is the taste of old gum.

Check out Curry’s mouth pierces in the tweet below.


Thanks to Ball Don’t Lie for clearing up the whole “Steph Curry-flavor” thing.

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