Yasiel Puig Gets New, Original Walk-Up Song Called ‘Yasiel Puig’ (Video)


Yasiel Puig has made a splash in Major League Baseball — for both good reasons and bad — since he debuted in June, and now he’s finally gotten his own theme music.

On Tuesday, the outfielder debuted his new walk-up song at Dodger Stadium. The ditty is an original song by a rapper named Mr. Criminal, and it’s called “Yasiel Puig.”

The lyrics (loosely translated, here) go something like:

“For all of my latinos, united/raise your hands/representing for all my Cubans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Argentines, Ecuadorians

“Mr. Criminal with that style/I’m coming to bat/I’m coming to swing

“Number one in the major league/from the bottom to the top/It’s that homie, Yasiel Puig”

And, well, you get the point. Listen to the song for yourself in the video below.

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