Brad Richards Superfan Videobombs Pierre McGuire, Holds Up Handmade Love Note (Video)


One fan had a very tender message for Brad Richards on Wednesday night, and he found a way to get noticed — nationally noticed, actually.

Pierre McGuire was in the middle of an interview with Rangers head coach Alan Vigneault when a slightly creepy, OK really creepy, handmade sign slowly made its way into the shot.

In a love note of sorts for Brad Richards, one Rangers fan showed his love for the veteran center with a haphazardly drawn heart featuring the No. 19 in the center of it, along with the words, “I’m here if you need to talk.”

Just a hunch that Richards won’t be taking him up on that offer, but it was a sweet sentiment (we hope).

Check out the fan who isn’t afraid to show his emotions in the video below.

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