Cardinals Starter Joe Kelly Prepares for World Series Game 3 Start by Playing ‘Call of Duty’


Joe KellyJoe Kelly will make his first World Series start in Game 3 on Saturday against the Red Sox, but the 25-year-old will be spending his Friday night the way many 25-year-old guys do — playing video games.

The right-hander told reporters on Friday after the team’s workout what his pregame plan is.

“I’m more of a first-person shooter guy,” he said via Yahoo! Sports.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really like to lock in and focus on my start until the day of,” Kelly said. “Like the night before, I usually stay up playing video games all night, competitive gaming, more¬†Call of Duty. But like you said, you don’t want to put too much emphasis and just mentally drain yourself of thinking, ‘man, this is a huge start, and you have to go out there and perform.'”

Kelly is 0-1 this postseason with a 4.14 ERA through 16.1 innings. He said focusing on the make-believe world of Call of Duty before a game helps him to relax.

“It helps me not to think about anything else except for going out and competing.”

For any fans looking to compete against Kelly in a realm where they might be more evenly matched than on the baseball diamond, Kelly’s COD username is ‘equinsu ocha 3,’ — an obscure reference to the movie Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

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