Adrian Peterson Grinds Out 11-Yard Touchdown Run, Drags Three Cowboys Players Into Endzone With Him (GIF)


Simply put, Adrian Peterson is a beast.

Although the Vikings were handed their seventh loss of the season on Sunday, AP came away with the play of the game.

Down by three with just under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter, the Vikings star put the team on his back — along with a couple of Cowboys players — and grinded out an unbelievable 11-yard touchdown run.

On fourth-and-inches, Peterson took the carry, only to be wrapped up by a couple of Dallas defenders around the five-yard line. While the play looked doomed, Peterson stayed on his feet, and with the help of tight end Chase Ford pulling him up, the running back managed to power his way into the end zone, dragging three Cowboys in with him.

Check out the remarkable run in the GIF below with a fist bump to SB Nation.



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