Dez Bryant Loses His Cool, Yells at Officials, Gets Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty (GIFs)

Dez Bryant caught a whole lot of flak for losing his cool on the Dallas Cowboys’ sideline last weekend. This week, he couldn’t contain himself yet again.

Bryant was shut down for the most part against the Vikings on Sunday, catching six passes for just 64 yards, and his on-field frustrations finally boiled over in the fourth quarter.

During the Cowboys’ drive midway through the fourth, Bryant was called for an iffy offensive pass-interference penalty. The receiver wasn’t happy about the call and tried to plead his case with officials, but he took his helmet off in the process, leading to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. When officials assessed Bryant the personal foul, he began to lose control of his emotions once again.

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen did a little taunting while Bryant walked off the field, too. Check it all out in the GIF below.



Credit to SB Nation and BuzzFeed Sports on the GIFs