Alabama Fan Stiffs Auburn Fan on Tip, Writes ‘Roll Tide!’ on Tip Line (Photo)

Alabama fans are still seething over the unbelievable end to their game against in-state rival Auburn over the weekend. But the rivalry and mutual resentment between the two fanbases is longstanding.

While Saturday’s finish in the annual rivalry showdown was exhilarating and emotional — although in very different ways for each fan base — the week leading up to the game contained just as much excitement.

One Alabama fan even took the rivalry to a different level during the days leading up to the game, leaving their waiter, who was apparently an Auburn fan, an interesting, and likely disappointing tip. Rather than leaving “Forrest” – imagine that, another Forrest living in Alabama — any money for his service, the Alabama fan wrote “Roll Tide!” on the tip line and left the server a few words of advice about his Auburn pride.

Check out the unusual bill below.