Metta World Peace Says He Is an Alien, Only Focused on Winning, Not Focused on Gluten-Free Pasta


Metta World Peace, Jared SullingerMetta World Peace prefers gluten-free pasta.

That’s one of the few things that can be deduced for certain from the New York Knicks forward’s latest rant. He likes gluten-free pasta, and he’s an alien.¬†After brushing off questions about Knicks owner James Dolan‘s meeting with players, in which Dolan reportedly said no roster or coaching changes are in the works, by saying, “I’m not a player, I’m an alien,” World Peace elaborated as only he could.

“I don’t focus on anything else,” World Peace said, according to Steve Popper of “Aliens only want championships. That’s it. Injuries is not a focus. Trade talk is not a focus. Nothing is a focus. Gluten-free pasta is not a focus, which I would rather have gluten-free pasta. Hey, if I have to have regular pasta, it is what it is. I’m still going to try to win a championship. Nothing will distract me from my focus, my galactic mind.”

Um … what?

With that, the Knicks went out and lost to the Raptors 95-83 on Friday. It’s not known whether World Peace actually is extraterrestrial, but he’s definitely far-out.

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