Nets, Bulls Pair Ridiculous Swirled Socks With NBA’s New Sleeved Jerseys for Christmas Day Matchup (Photos)


The Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls had the honor — or “honor” — Wednesday of being the first to debut the NBA’s newest slate of sleeved jerseys for their Christmas Day matchup at the Barclays Center.

Basketball fans knew the rec league-style uniforms were coming, but both teams also donned spiral-striped socks for the occasion, reminiscent of the throwback hose the Denver Broncos wore a few years back.

If you’re not a fan of the jerseys or the socks, well, get used to it. The Nets-Bulls matchup is just the first course in a Christmas Day quintuple-header, with all teams involved likely wearing similarly extravagant uniform sets.

Check out the first look at the new duds in the photos below.

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