Overly Cocky Steelers Fan Celebrates Playoff Berth Too Soon, Is Stunned When Chiefs Miss Field Goal (Video)

One Pittsburgh Steelers fan was feeling good — a little too good, maybe — about his team’s chances of earning an unlikely playoff berth as the Chiefs-Chargers game was winding down on Sunday.

Just as Kansas City kicker Ryan Succop was preparing to kick the potential game-winning 41-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter, the cocky fan was preparing for his beloved Steelers to punch their playoff ticket. Sporting a flashy Pittsburgh leather jacket and a helmet, the man was on top of the world believing that the postseason was in his future, dancing and sashaying all over his living room.

But all of the celebrating was premature as Succop’s kick sailed wide, and the fan came crashing back to reality, much to the delight of his friends in the room, who immediately began pointing and laughing at him. San Diego would eventually go on to win in overtime and clinch the last playoff spot in the AFC in the process.

Of course we would love to see his reaction to hearing that the NFL made an incorrect call on the play, but until that video becomes available, check out one sad Steelers fan in the video below.