Colin Kaepernick Gets Dunked On by 49ers Offensive Lineman Alex Boone During Interview (Videos)


Colin Kaepernick somehow escaped the Green Bay Packers’ defense multiple times during Sunday’s 23-20 wild-card win.

There was one thing he couldn’t escape, though: #DunkCam.

Kaepernick was doing his usual weekly interview with reporters Wednesday when San Francisco 49ers teammate Alex Boone decided to ambush his starting quarterback. The massive offensive lineman (6-foot-8, 300 pounds) had one of his fellow linemen line up just behind Kaepernick with a trash basket during the interview, and, just as the questions were wrapping up, Boone laid down a monster dunk on the oblivious quarterback.

The 49ers have a huge rematch with the Panthers in Carolina┬áthis weekend, but it seems that they’re at least keeping the mood light in the locker room in the meantime.

Check out Kaepernick getting posterized in the videos below.

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