New York Bar Bans Canadian Beer During USA-Canada Olympic Hockey Semifinal

If you’re planning on going to the Amherst Pizza and Ale House in New York to watch Friday’s Winter Olympics men’s hockey semifinal between Canada and the United States, Canadian beers such as Molson and Labatt Blue won’t be available for purchase.

The bar announced it will not sell any Canadian beer during the game, calling it a “patriotic matter.”

Fans showed up in huge numbers at bars across the nation for Team USA’s thrilling shootout victory over Russia in the preliminary round, and even larger crowds are expected for the 2010 gold medal rematch with Canada.

The Amherst Ale House isn’t the only American bar refusing to sell Canadian beer or jack up its prices. Aces Bar in San Francisco is going to charge $19 for a Molson on Friday, while charging just $3 for a Budweiser.

President Barack Obama owes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a case of beer after the American women lost to Canada in Thursday’s women’s ice hockey gold medal game.┬áThe two leaders made the same wager on the men’s game.

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Don Cherry’s outfit for the USA-Canada Olympic final.


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Officiating was an issue in the women’s hockey gold medal game.

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