Hockey Fight Ends With Hug, Beer Between Players (Video)


Hockey players — when they’re not being total brutes, they are completely charming gentlemen.

We recently saw video of a brutal fight in a Quebec-based hockey league that ended in a high five and a hug between the two fighters. On Sunday video surfaced of a similar instance from Friday’s game in the Federal Hockey League, via

Matt Puntureri of the Danville Dashers and Jesse Felten of the Dayton Demonz dropped gloves and helmets after a face-off in the third period of Friday’s game, and the crowd geared up for a brawl, according to Deadspin. But just as the two players got close enough to fight, Puntureri and Felten hugged, then Puntureri pulled a beer out of his pads, cracked it open and took a sip, while skating around the ice toasting to the fans with Felten.

The FHL is indeed a professional league, and the incident happened in a game that affected playoff seeding. But the score was 4-0 score halfway through the third period and Dayton outshot Danville 46-31, so there weren’t really any consequences from the two players having a bit of fun.

In fact, neither Puntureri nor Felten received penalties for fighting or instigating.

Check out video of the fight below.


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