Weird New Hat Has LCD Screen, Can Display Variety Of Images (Video)


If there is such a thing as a hat traditionalist, consider this a warning: Either read no further or prepare to become enraged.

Live Lids has created a hat that comes with an LCD screen where, traditionally, the logo or image of a team would be stitched. The hat features a USB port on the underside of the brim where it can be plugged into a computer and uploaded with up to 100 different images.

The cap comes pre-loaded with 20 images of the customers choosing and costs $75. It’s advertised as being able to hold a charge for 10 hours and looks perfect for those who like to switch allegiances¬†among teams or just aren’t happy with having one emblem on their cap.

As one Twitter user noted, a particular music artist might want to invest in one of the new caps.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@LiveLids
Hat tip to Extra Mustard for the find

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