Andrelton Simmons Shows Off His Cannon For Arm With Great Play (Video)

Andrelton Simmons could be the best defensive shortstop in baseball, and there aren’t many players who can do what he did Wednesday night.

The Atlanta Braves shortstop, who won the 2013 National League Gold Glove, proved why he’s probably in line to win the award again.

Simmons made an incredible play in the bottom of the eighth inning of an eventual win over┬áthe New York Mets on Wednesday.┬áMets catcher Travis d’Arnaud hit a ball that looked to be on its way through the hole between third base and shortstop. Simmons was able to get the ball, but it still looked like it was hit far enough to his right to be an infield single. That wasn’t the case, though, as Simmons gloved the ball, jumped and threw a rocket to first to nab d’Arnaud.



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