Fantasy League Loser Forced To Make Embarrassing Calendar (Photos)


Winning a fantasy league can bring a person bragging rights for a long time, while the punishment for losing can be devastating.

Henry Stern learned that losing his league would mean a year-long embarrassment.

Stern belonged to a high-stakes fantasy league that handed down one of the most interesting punishments yet. For losing the league, Stern recreated famous photos that were made into a 2015 calendar. The results were hilarious.

July. #dontgetlast #calendars #yoff2k14 #yofffoco #thebodyissue

A photo posted by Henry Stern (@allstern) on

May. #dontgetlast #calendars #worldcup #yoff2k14 #yofffoco #henrychastain

A photo posted by Henry Stern (@allstern) on

August. #dontgetlast #calendars #yoff2k14 #yofffoco #rememberthealamo

A photo posted by Henry Stern (@allstern) on

January. #dontgetlast #calendars

A photo posted by Henry Stern (@allstern) on

The league definitely had some fun toying with Stern over this one. Replacing Prince Fielder with Stern on the ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue is pure genius.

As funny as it was, Stern probably doesn’t want to finish in last again next year. To see all of the photos, you can visit his Instagram page.

H/t Deadspin

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