Bills Score Two TDs In Two Minutes, But Jets Rally On ‘Thursday Night Football’


The New York Jets were well on their way to earning an easy win over the Buffalo Bills on “Thursday Night Football.” Until they weren’t.

Sure, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis looked silly again early in the game after Marquise Goodwin torched him for an 84-yard touchdown. But it couldn’t happen to the Jets’ secondary again, could it?

Think again.

That’s a 71-yard touchdown to Greg Salas, for those keeping score at home. Fortunately for Revis, it wasn’t him who blew the coverage. Fortunately for the Bills, touchdowns that don’t embarrass Revis still count on the scoreboard.

Just 2:54 later, though, the Bills took advantage of a stroke of luck and took it to the bank.

With that defensive touchdown, the Bills stormed back from what at one point was a 13-point deficit to take a four-point lead in the third quarter. Unfortunately for them, the Jets took control from there and won 37-31.

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