Here Are Some Highlights Of Julian Edelman Playing QB At Kent State


The New England Patriots could enter Thursday night’s game against the Houston Texans with the understanding that wide receiver Julian Edelman might be called upon to play quarterback.

It would take an unfortunate set of circumstances, as the Patriots are expected to hand the quarterback keys to rookie Jacoby Brissett with Jimmy Garoppolo injured and Tom Brady still serving his Deflategate suspension. But New England hasn’t added a quarterback and Garoppolo might not dress for the game, leaving Brissett as the only legitimate quarterback on the Patriots’ roster.

If that ends up being the case, Edelman likely will serve as New England’s backup quarterback. The Patriots’ hope surely is that Brissett stays healthy and on the field, eliminating the need for a backup, but the Texans have a physical defense and injuries happen. Edelman could be one play away from taking over as the Pats’ signal caller, which is crazy to think about.

Now, would Edelman be a competent quarterback if thrust into action? The Patriots probably would prefer to not find out. But the talented wide receiver did play quarterback in college at Kent State, so it’s not like he’s some bum off the streets who can’t throw a spiral.

In fact, feast your eyes on some of Edelman’s QB highlights at Kent State to brace yourself for what could be an interesting scene if Lady Luck makes sport of the Patriots on Thursday night.

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