On Second Thought, You Can Have ‘Harambe’ On Back Of NFL Custom Jerseys


Fear not, Internet meme lovers and supporters of fallen gorillas: You can honor the memory of Harambe on the back of your favorite NFL jersey.

News “broke” Wednesday that the NFL no longer was allowing fans to use the word “Harambe” on the back of custom jerseys. Harambe, of course, was a gorilla killed in May after a child fell into its cage at the Cincinnati Zoo.

In the months that followed, Harambe became an Internet sensation … mostly in an ironic sense or whatever. Harambe custom jerseys started popping up, too, across the sports world, but the NFL apparently decided to put an end to that, putting the name on its list of terms or names you couldn’t use on a custom jersey.

Well, that decision went over pretty terribly, and roughly 24 hours later, the NFL reversed its decision, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Of course, in true NFL form, the league blamed the decision on a “mistake,” apparently claiming it never wanted to ban the word to begin with.

Given the NFL’s track record over the last few years on issues much, much more important than whether you can wear the name of a dead gorilla on your back, it’s a little bit hard to take their word on this one.

Regardless, Harambe fans now can go hand over their money to the NFL again, which potentially is good news for these Minnesota Vikings players.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports Images

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