Tom Brady Is Completely Creeped Out By Mask That Wes Welker Wore Of Him


If you’re a little weirded out by that Tom Brady mask recently making the rounds on the Internet, try walking a mile in the New England Patriots quarterback’s shoes.

The disguise in question debuted when New England faced the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz., to open the 2016 season, and it reared its Brady-like head again Sunday when Wes Welker impersonated his former teammate as the Patriots squared off with the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium.

Brady was asked Monday during his weekly radio interview with Westwood One’s Jim Gray about Welker tossing on the life-like mask, which was worn in Week 1 by a Bleacher Report staff member before being passed along to the former Patriots wide receiver in Week 2.

“I spent a little time with (Welker) on Sunday morning, he showed it to me,” Brady said. “It was probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Brady is a good-looking guy with four Super Bowl rings and a supermodel wife, so plenty of people wouldn’t mind trading places with him. But it’s hard to disagree with Brady’s sentiment here.

That mask really is incredibly creepy.

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