Ford Performance’s New Driver Needs To Loosen Up Before 24 Hours Le Mans


Ford Performance is looking to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the second-consecutive year, but we’re not sure its new driver is the man for the job. That’s partly because he looks a bit tense, though it’s mostly because he isn’t actually a man.

Lego tweeted a time-lapse video on Monday that shows seven builders spending 304 work hours assembling Ford’s new GTE pilot.

At 6 feet, the 67,252-brick creation admittedly is a bit tall for a racing driver. However, at just 134 1/2 pounds, it’s slender enough for the job.

This interestingly isn’t the first member of the Ford Performance outfit we’ve seen that’s comprised of plastic rather than flesh. We previously saw pictures of a tiny crew member at the Geneva International Motor Show in March, though they were spending time scoping out one of Ford’s competitors, Aston Martin Racing.

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