Sergio Garcia’s Racist Remark Inexcusable, Will Only Boost Tiger Woods Back to Untouchable Levels

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Tiger Woods’ Return to Dominance Shows Swing Changes, Not Mental State, Were to Blame for Extended Slump

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Tiger Woods May Have ‘Lost His Soul,’ But He’s Not the First Human to Be Foiled by the Demands of Consistency

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Rory McIlroy Continues to Give Golf Fans a Bona Fide Superstar Worth Rooting For

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Tiger Woods is As Good As Ever, But Don’t Expect the Same Dominance of Old

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Tiger Woods, LeBron James Work Their Way Toward Redemption With Vintage Performances

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NBA, Stanley Cup Finals, International Soccer Make June the Best Month to Be Sports Fan

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Tiger Woods’ PGA Championship Struggles Show Freefall Isn’t Over, Must Start to Find Some Sort of Fun in Golf

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Antonio Cromartie, Stan the Caddie, Leon Phelps, Chris Bosh All Possible Caddie Choices, Wing Men for Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods’ Decision to Fire Caddie Steve Williams Isn’t Change He Needed During Difficult Time of Career

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Darren Clarke’s British Open Win Redefines Career Marked By Loss Both On Golf Course and Off

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Larry David’s Approach to Recreational Golf Is One That More Golfers Should Adopt

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Tiger Woods’ Downfall Balances Playing Field, Making Golf Better for Competition, Fans

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Ryder Cup Rain Gear Makes Americans Look Stupid, Feel Wet

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