A Little Extra Pocket Money

by abournenesn

Jun 9, 2009

It’s sports trivia with a little cash, handed out right on the
streets of Boston. You win five bucks for correctly answering a
relatively easy question, or risk the five for 10 bucks and a bit of a
harder question. Try for $20 if you really know your Boston sports, and
if you do, this game is cake.

Get the right answers, and you’ve earned yourself a little Pocket Money.

That is appropriately the title of a new show on NESN, scheduled to
premier in August. We joined host “Fitzy” for a taping of the show on
Brookline Avenue in Boston over the weekend. If you are any kind of
sports fan, you’ve got to try it — the questions aren’t too difficult,
because really, you’re only playing for a maximum of $35. But here’s a
tip for prospective show candidates — the $20 question tends to require
a little more thinking (for example, who was the Patriots’ leading
rusher in Superbowl XXXVI?), so don’t let being on camera make you

The show’s crew picks people randomly off the street, usually near
sporting events. Fitzy will give you cash on the spot if you get the
questions right.

We’re not kidding when we say try to put those nerves aside. When
Fitzy asked one contestant, “What’s the name of the big trophy awarded
to the winner of the NHL playoffs?” the contestant actually answered,
“The Big Trophy.” (The correct answer is “Stanley Cup.”) Nerves will do
you in.

I had a few Bruins-related questions ready for Fitzy as we came to
the shoot, because I wanted him to gauge just how pricey these
questions would be. I suggested, “In the 2008-09 season, who did NESN’s
Jack Edwards nickname ‘Einstein’s Assistant’ for his
ability to discover time and space on the ice?” Fitzy was like, “Are
you kidding me?” That’s a $100 question.

I didn’t even bother asking about the other couple I came up with, as they were probably too hard for this game as well.

But if you thought my question was easy, then this would be a quick
$35 for you to pocket. It’s totally fun, there’s nothing to lose, and
you have better control of the outcome than playing Keno. Plus, Fitzy
is a spirited guy to hang out with, even for a few minutes. Just don’t
get any Patriots questions wrong, especially the one that goes, “How
many games did the 2007 Patriots win from the regular season to the

You’d be surprised how many people get that wrong. Nineteen is wrong. So very wrong.

Look for Fitzy and his crew taping around Boston this month for a little quick cash … Pocket Money!

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