Are You Ready for Some Lingerie Football?


Jul 28, 2009

NFL training camps open this week. That means there are less than two months until the 2009 season kicks off. But the big news is that there are only 38 days until the inaugural season of the Lingerie Football League begins.

This is an intriguing venture — whether or not you agree with the concept. If you’re a red-blooded male or business-minded female, it makes as much sense as Wild Things. If you’re not a fan of the “sex-sells” philosophy, the protest line forms on the left.

It’s tough to say which season football fans are anticipating more. There are plenty of story lines to follow in both leagues.

Have the Patriots paid their karmic debt to the football gods?

Will Tom Brady lead New England to the 19-0 promised land?

Is it possible for Bill Belichick to be underrated?

Doesn’t Michael Vick deserve a second chance? Which NFL owner will have the guts to roll the dice and think of the possibilities?

Is there a better commissioner in sports who balances toughness with fairness than Roger Goodell?

Are the Patriots the model organization of the NFL?

Which LFL franchise will have the most scantily-clad models?

Will Brett Favre stay retired longer than the LFL exists?

Will the LFL last longer than the XFL?

Who will become the He Hate Me of the LFL?

The new league gives new meaning to fantasy football. Will two-a-days include pillow fights and car washes?

When did Jack Tripper become head of programming at NBC? In terms of double entendres, the league could make Three’s Company look like Sesame Street.

What’s more likely — Pacman Jones making a comeback in the NFL or making it rain at a LFL game?

What about Boston? Out of the 10 LFL teams, none hail from the Hub.

Check out the rundown:

Eastern Conference
Chicago Bliss
Miami Caliente
New York Majesty
Philadelphia Passion
Tampa Breeze

Western Conference
Dallas Desire
Denver Dream
Los Angeles Temptation
San Diego Seduction
Seattle Mist

Was Hugh Hefner consulted in naming these teams? If the league doesn’t work out, perhaps there’s a market for classy, highbrow gentleman’s magazines that leave something to the imagination and have good articles.

Super Bowl or Lingerie Bowl? It’s good to have options.

The Lingerie Football League is either another sign of the apocalypse or America’s greatest idea since national parks.

We’ll find out when the Caliente and Bliss meet in Chicago on Sept. 4

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