Could Vick Be a Fit for the Patriots?


Jul 21, 2009

Could Vick Be a Fit for the Patriots? Is it possible to make the best offense in football even better? It just might be. But what if meant adding an ex-con to the roster?

It's no secret what Michael Vick did, and he did the time for doing the
crime. And depending on the reinstatement ruling of Roger Goodell, the 29-year-old former quarterback has a chance to return to the NFL … if a
team is willing to give him that chance.

It would take a lot of thought, conversation and probably a handful of meetings for a front office to decide to make the move, but in the end, NFL franchises are focused on one thing: winning football games. And it's hard to say that Vick wouldn't help them do just that.

Since word of Vick's release from house arrest, not a day goes by
without a different franchise publicly saying no to the idea of
the former Falcon suiting up for them. But with plenty of teams in need of a competent signal-caller, you'd think
some team would give Vick a second chance. Could that team be the Patriots?

Of course, the Patriots already have some other guy playing quarterback for them,
and Vick will most likely exhaust all other possibilities before accepting a
backup role somewhere. And among those possibilities, some teams could broach the
idea of changing positions.

Vick was and probably still is capable of being a rare breed of quarterback. Along with Donovan
, he was supposed to revolutionize the position and create confusion for opposing defenses by mixing a powerful passing game with his strong running ability. But with zero Super Bowl rings between the two, teams
have reverted back to drafting the traditional gunslingers who look awkward
trying to scramble for first downs by themselves.

So if Vick can't take snaps for the Patriots, why not give him a shot to be a part of the New England offense in some other capacity?

What about Vick in the backfield? Or lined up opposite Randy Moss as a wide receiver? Or running the option every now and then? Sounds a little like Madden 2010, but it also sounds a little like six points when the offense takes the field.

Now how likely is it that Vick would become a Patriot? Let's just say if
there were odds for the circumstance — which there probably are
somewhere — they would strongly favor the Patriots passing on him.

But at the end of the day, it's time for some team to take a chance on Vick, as he can
certainly improve an offense one way or another this season.

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